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EPA Information Quality Guidelines - Requests for ...- handdesinfecterend epa oleïne ,"EPA Related Correspondence" refers to additional correspondence between the requester and EPA. "Third Party Correspondence" is correspondence that EPA receives about an RFC or RFR from other interested parties. EPA's policy is to post such third party correspondence but to keep it separate from the original RFC or RFR .Collection of Methods | US EPAEPA offices and laboratories, and outside organizations, have developed approved methods for measuring the concentration of a substance or pollutant. Below are categories of methods. Learn about how methods are developed on the Method Development page.

Selected EPA-Registered Disinfectants | Pesticide ...

Disinfectants for Use on Hard Surfaces DIS/TSS-1 Jan 22, 1982 EFFICACY DATA REQUIREMENTS Disinfectants for Use on Hard Surfaces. Limited efficacy claims.

Disinfection Profiling and Benchmarking Guidance Manual - EPA

Guidance Manual for Enhanced Coagulation and Enhanced Precipitative Softening (1999). This guidance manual describes the practice of disinfection profiling and benchmarking as required under the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) IESWTR promulgated December 16, 1998.

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