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Travel to Dubai - Dubai Tips, Dress Code and Customs- dubai handdesinfecterend geheel ,De tijdszone in Dubai is GMT + 4. De geldeenheid is de dirham (Dhs of AED), die is verdeeld in 100 fils. De dirham is sinds 1997 gelinkt aan de VS dollar, op een middenkoers van AED 3.67.Designer handbags - Dubai Forum - Tripadvisor"The notion of Dubai being a shopping destination is a myth" sorry but Dubai is a fabulous destination for shopping. It is not cheaper than the U.K. for the majority of items, however this does not mean that it is not a shopping destination. I still much prefer shopping in Dubai than New York as everything is contained within malls. New York is much dearer to U.K. residents than it was last ...

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Dubai Kleidung kaufen. In den großen Shopping Malls kann man natürlich Kleidung kaufen von vielen bekannten Markenherstellern. Die Preise sind oft sehr ähnlich wie in Deutschland und ab und zu gibt es spezielle Angebote wo man ein Schnäppchen machen kann. Wenn man etwas vergessen hat kann man die Kleidung auch direkt vor Ort in Dubai kaufen ...

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Dubai has a good number of interior decorating companies within it. Each one of them is unique in its manner. The list of these organizations can facilitate consumers with numerous conveniences and an array of features. It stands as the most significant reason behind the success and respect for the genius interior designers belonging to Dubai.

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